Have a Great Time in Tweedmouth

After we’ve heard that plenty of English people and not only visit Tweedmouth we decided to have a closer look at this location in order to know exactly what’s so interesting here. Therefore, we will share with you in this article all the information we found regarding this place so that you can decide yourself if it is worth coming here or not.

The Lindisfarne Center is Absolutely Amazing

This center gives you an excellent chance to discover the beautiful and interesting history of the Holy Island. There is a short video that will offer you an introduction to the island and also the exhibits you will see. The Viking exhibit takes visitors through the events of the first attack and they will also have the chance to play several games that would have been played at that time. The Exhibition of Island lets you explore rare plants and varied wildlife. You can learn interesting and useful stuff about fishing, mining, and farming as well. All in all, this is an attraction that you will certainly love. The place is quite busy most of the times and that’s why you need to check the tide times before you visit.

Walk Along the Elizabethan Walls

If you love walking then you can have a great time in Tweedmouth at the Elizabethan Walls. This location is not only full of history but it is also surrounded by beautiful landscapes which will surely help you relax. All major viewpoints along the Elizabethan Walls have information boards so that all visitors know their tremendous importance and history. This is the best way to overlook the whole town and see several interesting sites and buildings. If you want you can also have a picnic here if the weather is nice and if you decide to spend more time in nature.

The Berwick Castle is Full of History

During our research, we also find a very interesting castle which attracts lots of visitors all year round. We are talking about the Berwick Castle that has been founded by the Scottish King David I in the 12th century. The castle ruins are near the Berwick trains station which is a big advantage for all those who are traveling by train.

Other Lovely Attractions You Must See

There are also other excellent attractions which we want to recommend you. For example, there is a wonderful assortment of Museums and Galleries which are open from Easter until October, including the Barracks Museum Complex that houses at the moment not more and not less than 3 museums. The Town Hall provides an exciting tour of the old jail cells, and at the Town Hall visitors can enjoy amazing Contemporary art exhibitions. If you decide to visit this region then one thing is sure, there is plenty to fully satisfy the ‘’Culture-vulture’’ in you.

In conclusion, all the above lovely places and attractions make the Tweedmouth area extremely beautiful and popular at the same time. Not only locals love this place but foreigners as well and that’s why we also strongly recommend it to you.

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