Lovely Locations in England Where You Can Relax

Since most people live and work in very busy cities it is very important that from time to time they have a short holiday in a place where they can completely relax. That’s why we actually wrote this article so that you can find very easy to make a choice. Therefore, have a look at the following lovely locations in England where you can highly relax and recharge your batteries.

Lundy, Devon

Devon is a very popular region in England and it is very busy most of the time, especially in the summertime. The Lundy Island is excellent for anyone who wants to be calm and relaxed. There are only 28 locals who actually live on this island, and that’s why it is perfect for solitaires and those who just want to escape from the noisy and busy cities. The only disadvantage is that you can get to this place during winter only by helicopter, and the only pub, the Marisco Tavern actually enforces a strict no-gadget rule. We also want to mention the fact that the views are stunning and you will certainly take some incredible photos.

The Lake District

The Lake District is another lovely location in England where you can relax together with your partner or your entire family. This national park is certainly one of the gems of the north of the United Kingdom. If you love hiking, outdoor adventures, or photography then this place will surely offer you exactly what you need. The pubs from here are very cozy and offer delicious home-cooked food. A great advantage is the fact that you can easily get to this place. You will only need to drive about 30 minutes from the M6 motorway. If you travel by train then this journey will also be very easy and comfortable as there are frequent departures from London and it takes about 2,5 hours to arrive to Lake District.

Chapel Porth Beach, Cornwall

Those who love the seaside should go to Cornwall. The Chapel Porth Beach is absolutely amazing and the fine golden sand and the crystal-clear water will help you relax and feel extremely calm. This dramatic cove was actually named as one of England’s 20 best-hidden beaches yet stunning. The view when the waves crash against cliff faces is absolutely wonderful. On a warm and sunny day, Chapel Porth is tranquility defined. There is a lovely café that serves several delights that will make your day spent at the beach even more beautiful.


If you prefer people instead of nature but you still want to relax and enjoy a quiet vacation then we recommend you to spend a few days in Bath. This lovely town is very quiet and picturesque and there is actually plenty to do here. The highlight of this place is without a doubt Thermae Bath Spa which actually uses thermal spring water. The Roman Baths are also a must-see attraction and for a deeper relaxation you should spend time outdoors in the beautiful parks that this town has.

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